Who Is More Important To Duke’s Success Next Season – Tyus Jones or Jahlil Okafor?

This past season there was a lot of blame to go around for Duke’s loss to Mercer in the 2nd round of the NCAA Tournament. A large number of fans felt that if we had a consistent PG then we would’ve been able to make a deep run in the tournament. Others felt that the lack of a true big man is why we were bounced early and often struggled this season.

This upcoming season we will have players at both positions who, on paper, should fill glaring holes Duke had last season. But which player will be more important as Duke looks to make a run at another Final Four and National Championship? The steady PG Tyus Jones, or the big man Jahlil Okafor? Make sure to vote below and let us know what you think!


  1. Chris,

    I think both are about equally important to be quite honest. Tyus Jones appears to me to be a pass first pure point guard, which Duke hasn’t had in a long time. Quinn Cook is a shooting guard stuck in a point guard’s body. Although he occasionally looked like a point guard, he’s more of a scorer than a distributor.

    Jahlil is important because he’s the first bona fide/polished/dominant big man Duke has had in a while, Miles and Mason were athletically gifted, but lacked offensive skill sets and were very raw and 4 year projects. Okafor seems to be more offensively and defensively ready to make an instant impact than any of the Plumlees.

    It’s a little disheartening/frustrating to think that both of them could be gone after just one year and Duke will be left to address the same issues.

  2. So just recruit another one. How many 6’8 210 lb guys can one coach pull in??

  3. Which ever one plays the best defense. I’ll say the big man. Duke nor coach K has ever had a big man as dominate as this guy. Last time they actually had a center… Yeah that’s right national champs.

  4. All I know is that Quinn needs to just accept his 6th man role. Because I know Dayum well tyus will be starting. That dude is easily better than Quinn already. Not really that close. He takes smart shots and knows when to take over. Never forces anything and he can play defense. We got us one here. And jahlil is a man amongst boys. He’ll be a 20 point scorer if Jabari doesn’t come back. That’s a fact. I can’t wait

  5. yeah i agree aaron quinn is better off the bench. someone with experience to play with the younger guys off the bench. jones is a way better fit as a true point instead of quinn. sad to say but true

  6. I hope these 2 guys are as advertised as everyone is making them out to be. I remember just before this season began, all hype put on Parker, hood, with remaining team. Watch out! everyone said. Gonna run people out of gym, and so many athletes on defensive end… How did that go? Not trying to be Mr. Negative but it all depends on our fearless leader with 900,000 wins. If he is still competitive then the taste in his mouth from his pathetic coaching job will make him do better. The team goes as coach k goes. They will be freshmen people

  7. Being a long time Duke fan this is easy for me. Both. With every championship there was a point guard; Hurley, Williams, Nolan, and a Big- Lattner, Boozer and big Z.

  8. Dewayne, it was Scheyer at point not Nolan Smith but Scheyer was a point guard that valued each possession and didn’t make crazy turnovers. I agree you need both but you can make up for not having a true point guard but you can’t make a forward into a BIG center.

  9. So what everyone is basically saying is K can’t get it done with regular Mcdonalds all Americans, he must get the ‘superstar all American?

  10. It is disturbing that we do so poorly in the tournament with 8 McDonald’s All-Americansr. K’s strong suit is supposed to be defense, and this team had none. At some point he probably should have bit the bullet and played zone. Watching UVA play defense was a thing of beauty. There seems to be a lot of coaches who can beat us with a lot less talent. Why is that?

  11. Bingo Morris! That’s what I’ve been saying. Glad someone else sees it too. Problem ain’t the talent, it’s the coach. These other coaches, win or lose, seem to be trying harder game to game than our hall of famer. Preach on Morris, I completely agree

  12. No duke fan, myself included wants to admit the coach we’ve defended and stood by for decades can possibly be a big reason for lack of success, but there comes a time when serious questions need to be asked about him. Duke gets to pick its talent for the most part, and when they start slipping the way they have, why does it seem no one wants to suggest K may be more of problem than the talent? And if it is talent, then who’s fault then? He picked them.

  13. You can’t be serious? Four years ago we won the title with what may have been the least talented team to ever win a title. Now you want to blame the coach? It takes time to get young players to play team defense. UVA’s team was very similar to Duke’s 2010 team, experience goes a long way. Look at Florida this year. No real superstars, just a veteran team.

  14. Yes I am serious. Any true duke fan knows 2010 was a great year but bracket fell just right. Kentucky and Kansas were both more talented but picked bad day to get outplayed. The point is being made that talent is there but he’s been outcoached since then, plus he hasn’t learned how to integrate today’s phenoms with rest of team. 2010 he coached his best, you can’t possibly admit that since then he’s been as sharp

  15. I think part of it has to do with stubborness on K’s part. He refuses to use anything other than man defense, even if it’s been clear that his personnel is not suited for it.

    I think another part is that he has struggled integrated players like Irving, Rivers, who in my opinion was a “me first” type of recruit and Parker and Hood. It’s not always easy trying to get everyone to buy in to the team concept, especially when all of these guys are used to being “the man” on their respective teams.

    If K can figure out the two things above, he will surely do better next year. He is still the preeminent coach in the college game, but he has to open his mind to changing some of the things he does. I think he probably inherited his stubborness from his mentor, Mr. Bobby Knight. Hopefully he doesn’t go down that same path!