Kelly, Plumlee Named 2012-13 Basketball Captains

According to, Ryan Kelly and Mason Plumlee have been named the team captains for the 2012-2013 season. Kelly returns as team captain and Plumlee is a first timer. Of note, Seth Curry, who was a team captain last season, was not chosen.

In the article Coach K was quoted as say, “Ryan and Mason have done a terrific job on and off the court at Duke. Both men have grown steadily within our program and have put themselves in position to lead our team next season. We look forward to watching their continued development as leaders on the court, in the locker room and in the Duke community.”

I think we all expect breakout seasons from both young men. Of the two, Ryan Kelly has shown the most improved from year to year. That is no knock on Mason Plumlee who has steadily improved throughout his tenure at Duke. We all have seen what Plumlee is capable of when he has a great PG leading the show. Once Duke figures out how to feed their big men, Mason will become a one man gang.

Several weeks ago on Twitter, I asked this question to you guys and got all kinds of responses. Now that we have the answer, was this the right call? Should Seth also have been picked? What about Tyler Thornton, who Coach K loves?

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One Reply to “Kelly, Plumlee Named 2012-13 Basketball Captains”

  1. finer says:

    Yes it was the right call and Seth should not have been picked because he's not a floor general and i believe being one last  year took away from his game, he's just not vocal enough and as far as Thornton i say no because it would be hard to be a captain if you see very little playing time which i think will be the case  in 12 & 13 because i believe Cook will come on strong and it will be his team.

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