Michael Gbinije Chooses Syracuse

It was just recently announced that recent Duke transfer, Michael Gbinije, has picked Syracuse as his new home.

Due to Coach K’s friendship with Coach Boeheim, you would imagine that Krzyzewski gave both his blessing for this new relationship. Obviously, Gbinije was already familiar with Syracuse, as they had offered him a scholarship out of high school.

Of interest, ACC rules do not permit transferring from one league school to another, but in this case Gbinije would be leaving the ACC for the Big East and then winding up back in the ACC when Pitt and Syracuse join the league after next season.

You’ve got to wonder what kind of reaction he’ll get when he returns to Cameron. I’m of mixed emotions. It feels like he didn’t want to compete for playing time so he left, but none of us really know his true reasons for leaving. It’s true he got very little playing time this past season, but all signs pointed to an expanded role this upcoming season. With the redshirting of Andre Dawkins, he missed out on a true opportunity to contribute to the team.

With that said, I really do wish him well, just not against Duke.

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2 Replies to “Michael Gbinije Chooses Syracuse”

  1. RYRY says:

    Well, it's about time that the Orange picked up a PTP'er/TRANSFER. WATCH OUT ACC, HERE COMES AN ORANGE CRUSH UR WAY. LET'S GO ORANGEMEN!! 

  2. Jim O. says:

    The balance of power is definitely shifting just a bit with the rise of NC State and Syracuse coming into the ACC. It's definitely going to make for some great games and competitive seasons. 

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