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Moving Pass Boynton

Every Duke fan woke up this morning with something different then the last two years.  Kenny Boynton was officially off the Duke recruiting list.  After rumors were flying that Kenny, after his Florida visit, was ready to make a decision, Duke was expecting the worse.  All the bad thoughts were confirmed when Boynton decided to stay close to his Sunshine State home, by committing to Billy Donovan.

Donovan must be feeling giddy.  This is the second prospect that he has gotten over Duke in the 2009 class.  The first being Erik Murphy.  Duke matched them with a commitment from Mason Plumlee shortly after.

Now Duke nation is trying to keep positive.  After all, Kenny wouldn’t have been able to help this year.  And how long would he have stayed?  Nolan Smith doesn’t appear to be going anywhere next year, so Duke will have a viable option at the point.  And then the following year, Duke already has a commitment from PG Tyler Thornton.  Also Duke is still active with another Florida PG, Brandon Knight.

Ever since Kenny was a sophomore, Duke fans have known his name.  The better he got the more he looked like Duke’s “savior”.  As if Duke needed a savior.  Either way it is a punch to the stomach, after all the other recruits in the past few years that have said no to Duke.  These things happen, but lately have happened a little to much.  This looks to be the last year Duke concentrates on a few players, and instead goes after a slew of great athletes.  2010 is already a monster year, with three scholarships still in the air.

The 2009 class seems to be set.  It will look to be two solid forwards to add to a wing heavy team.  Of course, now Duke will be looking to see who goes where after the season.  Paulus is of course gone.  Henderson and Singler will be the ones to look at.  The 2009 class will be much like the 2008 class.  A good not great class.


  1. How can you say the 2009 class will be much like the 2008 class? The Class of 2008 is widely considered a weak class with the only NBA ready player being Brandon Jennings (who isn’t even going to play US college ball). Elliot Williams is a McD’s guy and a top 20 prospect, but after that…Czyz and Plumlee? It seems Plumlee has made some noise early on, but so did Zoubek and Randolph…The younger Plumlee and Ryan Kelly are both top 20 (in some cases top 15) prospects…right there, you have a much better class simply because of the addition of size…if K can manage to convince Wall to sign on, look out.

  2. I wasn’t talking about the classes as a whole. If I was I would definitely say that 2009 is better than 2008. As far as specifically Duke’s class, I will give you that 2009 has a slight edge just from a talent, and “help right away” mentality.