Poll: More Important to Duke’s Success – Quinn Cook or Rasheed Sulaimon?

Duke has the #1 recruiting class for the 2014-15 season. The freshen are all highly touted and will play a key role in determining what kind of success Duke will have this season. But it could be two upperclassmen who have more of a say in that success.

Last year was a roller coaster year for two of Duke’s guards – Quinn Cook and Rasheed Sulaimon. Both at times lost their starting role, and in some cases did not play at all. For fans, it was unexpected as they thought both would take┬áthat necessary next step to becoming a superstar.

When Duke has been successful, and winning national championships, they’ve always had a good mixture of youth and experience – especially with its guards. Who do you think will be more important to Duke’s success this coming season – Quinn Cook or Rasheed Sulaimon? Let us know in the poll below!

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2 Replies to “Poll: More Important to Duke’s Success – Quinn Cook or Rasheed Sulaimon?”

  1. mcchesney goodall says:

    IMO, Rasheed is more important because he can break down defenses off the dribble and hit the three and when he goes, Duke goes. Plus, he is a superior defender and can play both guards positions if need be.

  2. Mike says:

    I’m going with whoever starts as a our point guard. I can’t put too much emphasis on the rarity of a Senior point guard at a top tier school in the age of the one and dones since Sheed is a Junior himself. But I think that a solid floor leader is paramount and there must be consistency. Last year, Cook was clearly the guy in the beginning and then lost that job. Changing point guards midstream is different than any other position and I just hope that Cook starts off with that role and, due to his play, keeps it all year. Sheed is a superior talent, size and athleticism and I think we need him at the two guard. T. Jones could work his way into this mix as well and I hope it’s not a new starting line up every other game.

    I agree with everything goodall said about Sheed’s abilities, especially breaking down the defender, but I feel that we need our floor leader to be just that. I also, think that Sheed at 80% is a better basketball player than Cook at 100%… but a Cook at 80% is no good for Duke at all and a big reason why I think his elevated play is more important.

    If either have an off season, then it’ll be a shallow dive in the NCAA and if they both play to their full potential, then it could be a banner year.

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