Poll: Who Retires First? Coach K or Coach Cutcliffe?

College football is back in full swing, and college basketball returns just around the corner. With its return, we get the annual “Who will replace Coach K?” and “How much longer until Coach K retires?” articles. Seem to be more of those now that both Chris Collins and Steve Wojciechowski have left the Duke nest to take on programs on their own.

In a recent article by Gary Parrish of CBS Sports on Wojciechowski and Coach K, Wojo was quoted as saying

“Coach is young and vibrant and current, so I can’t see him retiring any time soon,” Wojciechowski said. “I think he loves it, and his family is entrenched in the program, and they’re going to be good year after year. … So I just don’t see him retiring any time soon.”

With the increased success the Duke football team is having, it brings with it yearly rumors of Coach Cutcliffe leaving to take another high profile job (such as the rumors he was leaving for Tennessee in 2010).  The Blue Devils recently faced the Troy Trojans and one of Coach Cutcliffe’s closest friends in Troy head coach Larry Blakeney. Blakeney said

“David Cutcliffe is one of the top men in our game,” Blakeney said. “He is also a top coach in our game, in my opinion. He has found a home at Duke and he has a situation there where the administration wants to keep him there for a lifetime. He has proven that he is the right guy for that program, and he has probably been the right guy for a couple more programs.”

He also went on to say “his friend’s stability in Durham has never been stronger.”

Since both coaches don’t seem to be set to leave Duke anytime in the near future, we wondered…which Coach would be the first to retire? Let us know in the poll below!

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  1. Coach K is more fired up than ever! At this rate I’ll be retired before Coach K.. Oh yeah I got 18 more years to go lol!

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