Poll of the Week: Will Jabari Parker Return Next Season for Duke?

Jabari Parker has still not made any indication one way or another, if he will enter the NBA Draft or return to Duke for his sophomore season (no matter what you may have heard or read). If he decides togo pro, he will more than likely be a Top 3 pick in the NBA Draft. If he were to return, Duke would be a top contender for the National Championship.

But we wanted to get your opinion on what you think he WILL do, not what he should do, or what we want him to do. Do you think he will return next season to Duke? Make sure to vote in our poll below!


  1. next year duke national champ

  2. Parker is coming back to win him and his coach and Team a National Championship!!!!

  3. What a decision to make at their age!of course i would want them to return for the next year to make our Duke Team an unbelieveable talented team.and with the other talented players that will be upper -classmen,what a super team we would have. We wish them well on their decision,whichever it will be.it’s really what they feel is the best for their future.

  4. I voted no. But I so hope he comes back.

  5. Hope springs eternal.