Q & A with Victoria’s Secret Angel Martha Hunt

In the words of Dick Vitale, Victoria’s Secret Angel Martha Hunt is a “PTPer’ (prime-time performer) and a “flat-out star”. The Wilson, North Carolina native is only one of 14 women in the entire world to own the label as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Coming from a town of less than 50,000 people, the odds were against Hunt to make it to the grand stage but her persistence and hard work catapulted her to the top.

“I try to set an example that younger girls can aspire to be like,” Hunt said.  “While showing you can’t achieve greatness without putting in hard work.”

Hunt never forgot her roots in her rise to stardom. Growing up near Durham, Hunt developed a passion for Duke basketball and she carries that passion wherever she travels. I got the opportunity to chat with Hunt about her career, love for Duke basketball and more.

Q: First off, take Duke fans through the weekly schedule of a Victoria’s Secret Angel? Your schedule is probably hectic, correct? 

Martha: My schedule is probably more hectic than people imagine.  I could easily be on a plane three times a week, and my schedule changes day to day.  Many times, I’ll find out about a job the night before the shoot.  I could potentially get a call right now telling me to pack my bags and catch a flight today.  It is hard to plan my personal life, but that comes with the territory.

Q: As I’ve seen from your tweets, you try to catch a Duke game wherever you are. Obviously, you’re a North Carolina native but how did you become such a passionate Duke fan? Did you go to games growing up?

Martha: It’s funny how my allegiance to the team is so die-hard for no particular reason other than the way I was raised.  My dad grew up close to Durham, so we were Duke fans.  I was despised for it and couldn’t watch games with some of my closest friends. Once one of my older friends got into Duke, he gave me a fake student ID card.

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I snuck into Cameron Indoor and got to watch two games with the Cameron Crazies!  Last year the ACC tournament was in Brooklyn. I saw them defeat UNC and came back the next night and watched them win the tournament!

Q: You’re not just any Victoria’s Secret model, you’re a Victoria’s Secret Angel. You’re essentially the All-Star or, in college basketball terms, All-American of your field. What’s it like knowing you are one of 14 women in the entire world to hold that title?

Martha: It is a beautiful feeling! In my industry, loyalty is hard to come by, but the Victoria’s Secret brand feels like a nurturing family.  I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the legacy that I looked up to growing up. It doesn’t even feel real, so I am beyond grateful.

Q: As sports fans we always hear from players about their experiences playing in big games or championship games. Describe what’s its like to be apart the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, especially with the most recent one taking place in China? 

Martha: One thing I love about representing Victoria’s Secret is that we are encouraged to promote fitness and our work-outs leading up the show.  Being part of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is like the Super Bowl of the fashion industry.  The energy backstage is exciting and palpable, and the experience is one-of-a-kind.  Every girl worked hard to claim her spot so everyone is grateful to be there.  You get to show your personality and support the other girls and the performers, contrary to a typical fashion show.  The adrenaline rush helps us push through the nerves and we always celebrate afterwards!  The Chinese fans were warm and welcoming; they made signs with our names on them and waved our magazine covers.  We felt like rock stars!

I never believed in fairytales but then @leslieodomjr serenaded me #vsfashionshow

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Q: Favorite Duke player of all-time? 

Martha: Wow that is tough. When I was younger, it was fun to see J.J. Redick shoot all those threes.

Favorite Duke team off all-time? 

Martha: My favorite Duke team was probably the 2000/01 team that won the tournament.  I adored Boozer and Battier, and seeing them snag the title with Coach K was a proud moment I will never forget, and a year’s worth of bragging rights to boot.

Favorite Duke player on the 2017-18 team?

Martha: I have too many favorites on the 17-18 team.  I think Gary Trent Jr. is underrated, and of course I love the OG Grayson Allen.

Q: Do you have a message to the Grayson Allen haters worldwide?

Martha: Well, yes.  Everyone deserves a second chance, and he’s paid his dues.  He has passion. He grew up playing scrappy street basketball.  They hate him cause they ain’t him.

Q: On this year’s Duke team, who would be best on the runway and why? 

Martha: Well, clearly Marvin Bagley III! He has the confidence and swagger and is good at everything he does.

Q: You’re also a Warriors fan so I have to ask, how did it feel when Kyrie’s shot dashed your hopes of another title in 2016? Did it soothe your pain a bit, knowing it was a Blue Devil who did it? 

Martha: It definitely soothed my pain because I’ve always appreciated Kyrie.  He is a classy player and I am so glad that he is finally getting the attention he deserves with the Celtics, and that he is balling out with Jayson Tatum.

Q: Finally give us a prediction for the end result of this year’s team and why? 

Martha: Coach K will lead them all the way because this team could be the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time)!!


Thanks to Martha for taking the time to speak with us. Make sure to give her a follow on Twitter at @MarthaHunt

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