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Questions That Will Keep You Up At Night……

Instead of doing the typical “this recruit is signing” or “UNC has been eliminated from the Final Four because of steroid suspicion” April Fools Day prank, I decided to purpose a few questions that might simply drive you mad.

As if Duke fans aren’t on pins and needles already this week, I thought I might add to their anxiety.  So if this effects you emotionally in anyway I apologize.

Question 1:

Harrison Barnes or John Wall?
Point blank right now.  You get John Wall for 2009 and that’s it.  Or you get Harrison Barnes for who knows how long in the 2010.  You can’t have both and one trumps the other.  Would you take the title shot next year but miss out on possibly a jersey retiring player in a monster class that could lead to multiple championships?  Or do we just ride next year out seeing what the boys can do, and wait to see the next “Fab ___” in 2010?

Is your head hurting yet?  How about now?

Question 2:
Your son is one of the most sought after recruits in the senior class.  Duke says they would love to have him, but they are full at his position and wish him luck.  The rest of the schools know they can’t get him so they lay off, except for two coaches.  Roy Williams of North Carolina and John Calipari of Kentucky.  As a life long Duke fan can you let your son play for UNC?  Possibly seeing him beat your favorite team?  There is a hall of fame coach, but you obviously can’t stand to hear him talk.  Or do you send him to one of the sketchiest coaches in college basketball?  Not so much caring about the Kentucky part, but consider that every time “Slick John” calls to talk to your son your skin crawls.  No other option.  One or the other.  What is your decision?


  1. 1- Barnes. Multiple Championships is more important than one.

    2- I pay for him to walk on at Duke or he goes to a school that isn’t as big. No way he is playing for Coach Cal or the muddy feet. There is always a third option.

  2. 1-Barnes

    2-If suicide isn’t an option, I’d make him go to Kentuc…Kentuck…Calipari’s team so he doesn’t have to hear Roy’s daggum stories of his mom buying him coca-cola with her last dime.

  3. Suicide is always an option.