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Relief That It Is Done

For a Duke fan that has to watch a NCAA tournament finish up without them, it is painful.  Add in that their rival is the last one standing, it is like a dagger to the heart.  But no matter what happened at the end, I am just glad it is over.  When Duke got eliminated I just wanted if to be over, and be able to move on to the off season.  But there was still a miserable week in which I couldn’t bear to watch Sportscenter.

Even with the celebrating that Duke fans might have to experience from the other side, we can finally move on to hopefully greener pastures.

Now the list of early entries should start shaking out, and of course all the Duke fans care about is what Gerald will do.  Either way we will know by the end of April.  Even hotter than that topic is the late recruiting Duke is involved in with their point guard situation.  The late signing period ends in mid-May, so Duke fans should truly know what they are looking at by then.

Until then try not to speculate to much over what the desicions are concerning current and possibly future players.  Let it run its course and wait till you hear it from the horses mouth.  And for crying out loud get off the message boards and spend time with your family!!!

It is a long way until November, but at least November will come.  In between lets just hope for some good news out of Durham.