Singler, Scheyer Are Duke's Savior

This team belongs to Kyle Singler.  There is no other way to put it.  And for the first time this season, he had to put the team on his back.  His main sidekick was Jon Scheyer who was equally clutch at the end of this game.

Rhode Island came in to Cameron and dominated the game all the way up until the last few minutes.  This team with Jimmy Baron and Delroy James were unconscious in this game.  They simply couldn’t miss a shot, and their tenacity was unbelievable.  Hats off to a great team.  They showed poise and were well prepared for Duke.

Obviously, fans would have loved a more decisive victory.  It is hard to say what the problem for Duke was.  They played alright defense, but Rhode Island made everything.  They didn’t turn the ball over a lot, but their shots weren’t falling.  The one thing going right for most of the game was their free throw shooting.  After and horrific free throw shooting game against Georgia Southern, Duke came out and shot 28-32.  Free throw shooting was the one thing that kept Duke close.  This single thing allowed Duke to creep up on Rhode Island, and eventually take the lead for good with just a few seconds left.

I was a little worried when Kyle Singler started at slow.  But of course, the go to guy for Duke came up big scoring 21 points, and made clutch shots at the end of the game.  Singler is becoming one of the most feared players in college basketball, and if they don’t know already, the nation will soon know about Kyle Singler.

Singler couldn’t of done it alone.  Jon Scheyer was instrumental in keeping Duke close in the second half, and had some amazing finishes at the basket.  He led all Duke scorers with 23 points, and shot a unconscious 13-13 from the free throw line.  It was Scheyer and then SIngler in the second half.  They saved Duke from an early and devastating lose.

-Lance Thomas is looking more assertive and really showing that he belongs down in the post in crunch time.
-4-17 from 3pt range is unacceptable, and can’t be a trend for the season.
-I am not too upset with Gerald Henderson not being a big part of the game, because Singler and Scheyer did just fine.

What a great feeling to win this game after Duke was losing for most of it.  I don’t think it really showed a lot of weaknesses in Duke.  Rhode Island just couldn’t miss, and Duke couldn’t figure out how to slow them down.  It was a good win, and keeps our momentum up for the upcoming games which will be against tougher opponents.

One comment

  1. The game showed that Duke still lacks any meaningful post presence and if their 3s aren’t falling then they could lose to just about anyone. It looks like another 2nd round exit for the Dukies…