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Suites In Cameron – Big Mistake

2008 recruiting is in the bag.  2009 recruiting won’t pick back up till late summer.  Even though these are slow times in Duke nation, the message boards are still hoping because of a news story that came out this week.

Duke University is considering changing a big part of the epi-center of basketball, Cameron Indoor Stadium.  While actually blue prints haven’t been seen, people are still worried about how the addition of luxury suites would affect the nostalgia of CIS.  Cameron has long been the one place that hasn’t tried to keep up with changing times.  While other Universities build million dollar, 20,000 seat arenas, Duke has been quite content on the fact that CIS, which is old, is still the most recognized arena is college and even professional sports.

Many of Duke forums around the Internet had been on fire with people talking up the topic.  Dukereport.com, DBR, and The Devils Den all have a thread on the topic.

The general consensus from the fans.  “Don’t mess with success!”.  I absolutely agree.  While more seats in Cameron, suites or regular, would make it easier for non-students and alumni to go to the game, it would take away from the lure that is Cameron Indoor Stadium.  CIS is apart of what makes Duke basketball so great.  Don’t fix what is not broken.  Stop trying to keep up with other basketball teams.  In case you were wondering, every other basketball team wishes they were us.