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The Aftermath

While the game didn’t end how I would have liked.  You can’t totally talk bad about the way Duke played.  Aside from a 5 minute stretch that saw Duke miss every open look they had and Carolina making every play, they played like a team that could be something special.  However, Carolina was to much for the guys at the end.  It is one of the worse losses for a Duke team, but still just a loss.  The season can not be defined by one game, and it is up to the players to make that true.  To give up on this team, or expect anything less than 5-2 in the next seven games would be a mistake.  I still feel this team is good enough to play with a lot of teams in the country.  It is February 12th, and last time I checked that means there is a hell of a lot of basketball left to be played.  An emotional loss shouldn’t get in the way of certain aspects.  Singler, Scheyer, and Singler were all great for most of the game.  Paulus shot the ball well, but couldn’t make it happen when it mattered.  Smith drove to the basket but only a handful of times.  The defense couldn’t stop one of the best offensive teams in the country.  Not tonight anyway.

The remaining schedule is a tough one, but for a top team in the ACC it is doable.  This team needs to show themselves that they are capable of being that team we think they could be.  Take the game by game approach and see what happens.

Perusing the many Duke message boards is a fickle proposition.  You have the “sky is falling” people.  The “fire assistants now” people.  And to many more quotes to even mention.  It is hard as Duke fans to grasp losing.  I took it just as hard as anyone, but you still have to keep a positive outlook.  A new Duke point guard is not going to fall out of the sky.  So you work with what you got, and worry about everything else after the season.  You can’t blame the fans, because they just want this team to be great.  Just never forget that this team has talent, and if they put it all together special things will happen.