The Duke Hangover…Is It Real?

Coach K
Every time Duke steps on the floor, the Blue Devils get their opponent’s best shot. For many teams, playing Duke is the biggest game of the year…their Super Bowl.

It would be understandable for there to be a let down in the next game for those teams that do manage to defeat Duke. By many, this has been referred to as “The Duke Hangover.”

Whether it’s the emotion of beating the Blue Devils in front of a euphoric home crowd, or pulling off the challenging task of winning in Cameron Indoor Stadium, it can be difficult to maintain focus for the following game.

But does a hangover actually exist?

Going back to the 2001-02 season, let’s take a look at who has beaten Duke and how they fared in their next game. You can see every game in the table below.

Since the 2001-02 season, Duke has lost 104 times (including ACC & NCAA Tournament). In the opponent’s next game, they have won 63 games, while losing 42 times. ACC teams in that time frame have accounted for 44 wins and 35 losses.

Since the National Championship season in 2009-10, Duke has lost 53 times (including ACC & NCAA Tournament). In the opponent’s next game, they have won 27 games, while losing 27. ACC teams in that time frame have accounted for 19 wins and 21 losses.

The numbers suggest that, while beating Duke doesn’t guarantee a team will lose its next game, there is a good chance it will.

DateOpponentOpponent's Next Game
1/6/02Florida St.L 77-61 @ NC State
2/17/02MarylandW 99-90 vs. Clemson
2/28/02VirginiaL 111-92 @ Maryland
3/21/02IndianaW 73-64 vs. Oklahoma (Final Four)
1/18/03MarylandW 81-66 @ UNC
1/22/03NC StateW 86-77 vs. UNC
2/2/03Florida St.L 61-60 @ UNC
2/13/03Wake ForestL 90-67 @ Maryland
3/2/03St. John'sW 75-59 vs. Rutgers
3/15/03UNCW 83-72 vs. DePaul (NIT)
3/27/03KansasW 94-61 vs. Marquette (Final Four)
11/30/03PurdueW 76-64 vs. Clemson
2/15/04NC StateL 60-55 @ Clemson
2/18/04Wake ForestW 80-76 @ Georgia Tech
3/3/04Georgia TechW 63-60 vs. Florida St.
3/14/04MarylandW 86-83 vs. UTEP
4/5/04UCONNW 82-73 vs. Georgia Tech (National Championship)
2/26/05MarylandW 79-71 vs. Georgia Tech
2/2/05Wake ForestW 83-63 @ Virginia Tech
2/12/05MarylandL 82-63 @ NC State
2/17/05Virginia TechW 71-58 vs. Miami
3/2/05UNCW 88-81 vs. Clemson
3/25/05Michigan St.W 94-88 vs. Kentucky
1/21/06GeorgetownW 85-82 @ Notre Dame
3/1/06Florida St.W 67-64 vs. Miami
¾/06UNCW 76-67 vs. Virginia
3/28/06LSUW 70-60 vs. Texas
11/21/06MarquetteW 65-62 vs. Valparaiso
1/6/07Virginia TechW 74-51 vs. UNC Greensboro
1/10/07Georgia TechW 88-80 vs. Florida St.
2/1/07VirginiaW 81-70 vs. Miami
2/4/07Florida St.L 71-58 @ Clemson
2/7/07UNCW 104-67 vs. Wake Forest
2/11/07MarylandW 85-70 vs. NC State
2/28/07MarylandW 79-59 vs. NC State
¾/07UNCW 73-58 vs. Florida St.
3/8/07NC StateW 79-71 vs. Virginia
3/15/07VCUL 84-79 vs. Pittsburgh
12/20/07PittsburghL 80-55 vs. Dayton
2/17/08Wake ForestL 89-73 vs. UNC
2/20/08MiamiW 78-63 vs. Maryland
3/8/08UNCW 82-70 vs. Florida St.
3/15/08ClemsonL 86-81 vs. UNC
3/22/08West VirginiaL 79-75 vs. Xavier
12/6/08MichiganW 91-60 vs. Eastern Michigan
1/28/09Wake ForestL 76-74 @ Georgia Tech
2/4/09ClemsonL 65-61 vs. Florida St.
2/11/09UNCW 69-65 @ Miami
2/15/09Boston CollegeL 69-58 @ Miami
3/8/09UNCW 79-76 vs. Virginia Tech
3/26/09VillanovaW 78-76 vs. Pittsburgh
12/2/09WisconsinW 79-46 vs. Grambling
1/9/10Georgia TechL 82-75 @ Virginia
1/20/10NC StateL 88-64 @ Maryland
1/30/10GeorgetownL 72-64 vs. South Florida
3/3/10MarylandW 74-68 @ Virginia
1/12/11Florida St.W 84-71 vs. NC State
1/30/11St. John'sW 58-56 vs. Rutgers
2/26/11Virginia TechL 76-61 vs. Boston College
3/5/11UNCW 61-59 vs. Miami
3/24/11ArizonaL 65-63 vs. UCONN
11/29/11Ohio St.W 64-35 vs. UT Rio Grande Valley
¼/12TempleL 87-77 vs. Dayton
1/21/12Florida St.W 75-52 vs. Wake Forest
2/5/12MiamiW 65-49 vs. Virginia Tech
3/3/12UNCW 85-69 vs. Maryland
3/10/12Florida St.W 85-82 vs. UNC
3/16/12LehighL 70-58 vs. Xavier
1/12/13NC StateL 51-50 vs. Maryland
1/23/13MiamiW 71-47 vs. Florida St.
2/16/13MarylandL 69-58 @ Boston College
2/28/13VirginiaL. 53-52 @ Boston College
3/15/13MarylandL 79-76 vs. UNC
3/31/13LouisvilleW 72-68 vs. Wichita St. (Final Four)
11/12/13KansasW 86-66 vs. Iona
11/29/13ArizonaW 79-58 vs. Texas Tech
¼/14Notre DameL 77-70 vs. NC State
1/11/14ClemsonW 56-49 @ Virginia Tech
2/1/14SyracuseW 61-55 vs. Notre Dame
2/20/14UNCW 105-72 vs. Wake Forest
3/5/14Wake ForestL 69-56 @ Miami
3/16/14VirginiaW 70-59 vs. Coastal Carolina
3/21/14MercerL 83-63 vs. Tennessee
1/11/15NC StateL 81-79 vs. UNC
1/13/15MiamiL 75-70 @ Notre Dame
1/28/15Notre DameL 76-72 @ Pittsburgh
3/13/15Notre DameW 90-82 vs. UNC (ACC Championship)
11/17/15KentuckyW 78-63 vs. Wright St.
12/19/15UtahW 105-58 vs. Delaware St.
1/13/16ClemsonW 76-65 vs. Miami
1/16/16Notre DameW. 76-49 vs. Boston College
1/18/16SyracuseL 73-65 @ Virginia
1/25/16MiamiL 85-69 @ NC State
2/20/16LouisvilleW 67-60 @ Pittsburgh
2/28/16PittsburghL 65-61 @ Virginia Tech
3/5/16UNCW 88-71 vs. Pittsburgh
3/10/16Notre DameL 78-47 vs. UNC
3/24/16OregonL 80-68 vs. Oklahoma
11/15/16KansasW 86-65 vs. Sienna
12/31/16Virginia TechL 104-78 @ NC State
1/10/17Florida St.L 96-83 @ UNC
1/14/17LouisvilleW 92-60 vs. Clemson
1/23/17NC StateL 85-60 @ Louisville
2/22/17SyracuseL 88-68 @ Louisville
2/25/17MiamiL 66-61 @ VT

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