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Top 10 Articles of 2016

Photo: Chris Summerville

We want to thank every one of our readers for following and supporting us. We couldn’t do this without you.

Now that 2016 is officially over and behind us, we wanted to take a look back to at the Top 10 most viewed articles on DukeReport.com:

  1. Why Marques Bolden Puts Duke in a Win-Win Situation
  2. Should Grayson Allen Stay at Duke or Go to the NBA?
  3. Why a Redshirt for Amile Jefferson Would Be Good for Duke
  4. The Latest on Marques Bolden – Possible Announcement Date?
  5. Marques Bolden Update
  6. Talking Marques Bolden with John Watson of The Devils Den
  7. Duke Basketball Recruiting Roundup: September 2 Edition
  8. What Went Wrong with Derryck Thornton & Duke?
  9. Another Marques Bolden Update…Kinda, Sorta, Maybe?
  10. How Jack White Fits in the 2016 Recruiting Class for Duke


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