Top 5 Things to Do Before/After a Duke Basketball Game

Going to a Duke basketball game at Cameron Indoor Stadium is on the bucket list of many fans. In December, for many, that dream comes. Christmas break allows fans access to tickets in Section 17 that the Crazies would pack out during the season. With the students on break, Duke sells tickets to the public for these games after the Iron Dukes have their chance at them.

Ten years ago in December I went to my first game at Cameron. It was a very memorable moment in my life. I can remember the fist time I stepped on the Cameron floor after a game. I thought about all the history that took place over the years in Cameron Indoor Stadium. Since then I have been able to make several games at Cameron. I often get asked “What should I do before/after a game?” Below is a list I made of things fans should try to experience while visiting Duke. Plan on getting the campus early to make sure you have time to take in as many of these as possible.

1. Visit the Duke Basketball Museum.

If you are going to a game, you have to visit the Duke Basketball Museum and Hall of Fame. This 6,600 square foot museum is where you will see the 4 national championship trophies, as well as numerous other trophies ranging from ACC Tournaments to player accomplishments. This area also celebrates the Hall of Fame players and 26 other sports at Duke. On one wall you will see the tenting rules listed for Kville. The museum also has an interactive area feature where a fan can enter a 3 sided enclosed section and hit a button to hear the sounds of what it is like in Cameron for a game.

2. Check out Krzyzewskiville.

Depending on the time of year you visit for a Duke game, you might see tents set up in Kville. The Cameron Crazies will camp out weeks in advance to get into the UNC game. They will also camp out for other big games happening at Cameron. Krzyzewskiville is located just outside Cameron Indoor Stadium. The Cameron Crazies are a friendly group. Hanging out with the Crazies and learning about the tenting process is a must.

3. Visit the Duke Chapel.

You can easily see the Duke Chapel from the highway as you are driving toward Duke. It is located at the center of campus and was built between 1930-1932. The chapel seats about 1,800 and stands 210 feet tall.

4. Stop by the Duke University Store or The Duck Shop.

If you are coming to a game, you will want to have the latest Duke gear. The Duke University store is located in the Bryan Center on campus. The Duck Shop is located on 9th street. Both places carry the latest Duke gear including the Duke Basketball Nike items the team wears.

5. Check out the restaurants in Durham.

Recently voted as one of the “South’s Tastiest Town” by Southern Living, Durham has a lot of variety in restaurants. You can spot many Duke fans at restaurants such as Bullock’s Bar-B-Cue, Charlie’s, and Cosmic Cantina before and after Duke games. Some of these restaurants such as Charlie’s and Bullock’s even have Duke memorabilia on the walls. With a variety of choices to chose from, Duke fans should grab a bite to eat while at Duke for a game.

This is my top 5 list of things to do before/after checking out a Duke basketball game. If you have another idea not listed above for Duke fans to do, please share in the comments section below.

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2 Replies to “Top 5 Things to Do Before/After a Duke Basketball Game”

  1. Bill Wheeler says:

    Walk through the Washington Duke Inn, look at the old pictures on the walls in the corridor.

  2. Unless the weather is bad, visit the Sarah P. Duke Memorial Gardens on West Campus. We were there on New Year’s Day, 2011 and they were beautiful/educational/interesting.

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