Watch Out For The Trap

I fancy myself a betting man.  Especially when it comes to sports.  And as anyone who bets on sports knows, that you need to always be aware of the dreaded trap game.

The upcoming game between Duke and Michigan smells a little funny.

*Duke is coming off a big win
*The media is starting to notice and fall in love with the Blue Devils
*Duke beat Michigan just two weeks ago
*The game is at Michigan

These four points are just a few of the criteria for a trap game.  All Duke needs to do is play exactly how they did against Purdue.  Smothering defense, that leads to efficient offense.  Michigan has seen what Duke can do, and even though they were manhandled in the first game, there had to be something they saw in Duke that can benefit them.  It is tough to beat a team twice in a year.  It is even tougher to beat them a few weeks apart.

I could totally be blowing this out of proportion.  After all, I was extremely worried about Duke against Purdue and the result was a great surprise.  The one thing that this team has going for it, that is more important than anything else, is that they play so damn hard.  They will never get outworked.  Hopefully they follow what they have been doing all year.  Because the only way you get beat in a trap game is by getting outworked.

Michigan will be ready.  Duke better be ready too.

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