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Weekend Proves That Players Still Want To Be a Blue Devil

The one thing Duke fans have complained about over the past few years is the lack of consistent recruiting by Coach K and his staff.  Even though it was mostly centered around getting that inside post presence, fans were also discouraged with the so-called “casting a larger net” scenario.  Fans needed something to ease their pain.  The Class of 2010 is might just do the job.  Not only did Duke offer six quality players in this class, but three of them have already committed to play for the Blue Devils.  For a coach who’s commitment with the USA basketball team, was supposed to slow down his recruiting, it’s not to bad.  Just think if he was here the whole summer?

Since Andre Dawkins committed on his unofficial trip to Cameron a few months ago.  Blue Devil fans have been in a sort of rut.  The only thing to hold us over was football, the Olympics, and of course Kenny Boynton rumors.  All the summer boredom went away when news of Josh Hairston and Tyler Thornton committing on their unofficial to Cameron came out.

Even though it will be a while till they step foot on Coach K court, it is still nice to see all this hard work on the recruiting trail pay off.  Coach K is making the media look silly with all their, “He is taking away from his team with USA basketball” talk.  Isn’t that how it should be always…..the media looking silly.

Sometimes we forget that 2009 is still a hot topic of conservation.  Kenny Boynton has been a target of Duke practically since he came on the scene.  He is still the most wanted player by the Duke fans, and probably by the coaching staff.  Time will tell what will happen with the 09 class.  But no matter what, 2010 is looking brighter and brighter as the months go by.

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  1. It is interesting that we have only one commitment for 2009, but 3 for 2010. I think it goes to show that Coach K’s recruiting adjustment is working. Plus, Paulus and McClure are the only seniors who get any playing time, so we can be a bit more picky in 2009.