The ESPN College GameDay Fan Experience

ESPN College Game Day first started in 1987 with college football.  After all the success it had over the years, ESPN did a spin off of its College Game Day for college basketball in January of 2005.

I have been to 2 ESPN College Game Day events at Cameron Indoor Stadium over the past few years.  My first experience of ESPN College GameDay was at Cameron Indoor Stadium on March 6th, 2010 when UNC was at Duke for the final game of the regular season.  Duke blew out UNC by a score of 82-50 later that night and won the national championship that year.

My 2nd experience was March 3rd, 2012. That game was the rematch game after Austin Rivers made his last second jaw dropping buzzer beater in the Dean Dome.  UNC split the series and won at Cameron that night by a score of 88 to 70.

If you haven’t picked up on the pattern yet, then let me explain.  ESPN College Game Day always seems to come to Duke when UNC (every other year) is its last game of the season.  Well it’s that time again for ESPN College Game Day to be at Duke again. They will be doing their live show from Cameron Indoor Stadium on March 8th, 2014.  Be sure to check the Go Duke ( website for more information.  ESPN College Game Day is FREE to get in.  It is a fun experience where the commentators such as Jay Bilas and Digger Phelps give their commentary on games as well as interact with the crowd.  Digger is known for getting the crowd rowdy for the taping of Game Day.

ESPN College Game Day also has the half court shot attempt for a lucky student to win money.  I will never forget the half court shot made by Duke student Tim Catlett at the College Game Day taping in March of 2008.  Around that time, only Duke and UNC had made the half court shots.

ESPN College Game Day is a unique experience for fans to check out.  You get a live look at what goes on at a taping for the event.  I encourage all Duke fans to come out to Cameron Indoor Stadium on the morning of March 8th.  Let’s pack out Cameron as we cheer on Duke.


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