FanTake: Stepping Back 50 Years into the ACC’s Past

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acclogoThis coming Sunday, Clemson has a chance to do something it has never done before – beat UNC in Chapel Hill. But it won’t be the first time that Clemson won a home game against the Tar Heels. The date was 2/14/64 when Clemson beat UNC 90-97 (2OT) in the North-South double header in Charlotte. On December 3rd, 1963, Clemson defeated UNC at Clemson 66-64 (2OT). During the North-South double header, each team played a home and away game.

The North-South doubleheader was probably a great idea at the time. It gave fans a chance to see 2 ACC games, and that probably helped increase the ACC fan base. As a student, the cost to see two ACC games in the end zone was $1 and the games were really competitive.  Like the year NC State Coach Everett Case designed a play which John Punger came off of 3 screens to hit a last second shot with the score tied and later that evening, South Carolina used 6’1″ Jimmy Collins at center to run an offense which resembled the 4 corners (can’t help but wonder if that game gave Dean the idea for the 4 corners).

My dad would take me and a few of my friends to those games. I learned a lot by seeing those games and also hearing my dad, who was very knowledgeable, give his comments. After the game, a pit stop at McDonald’s where we could get 2 cheeseburgers, fries and a shake for 64 cents before going home. While I’m a Duke fan, I’m actually an ACC fan also. Great basketball is to be appreciated and what a great time to be a kid and an ACC fan also. Those were great memories especially the memories of spending quality time with my dad.

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