FanTake: Top Ten Reasons Why James Michael McAdoo Is Going Pro

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In honor of the announcement that David Letterman is retiring from The Late Show, I present to you the Top Ten Reason Why James Michael McAdoo is going pro.

10. Tired of spending time with illiterate teammates.

9. Knows that Michael Jordan loves to waste second round picks on fellow Tar Heels.

8. Didn’t make enough money selling those ridiculous “We were here, where was Duke?” snow game t-shirts.

7. Worst case scenario, PJ Hairston says the D-League isn’t that bad.

6. Tired of hearing about how great Wiggins and Embiid are from Roy Williams.

5. Read an article in the student newspaper about Durham crime creeping into Chapel Hill.

4. Needs the money to buy shaving supplies.

3. You get 6 fouls in the NBA instead of 5, so it’s less likely he’ll foul out with zero points.

2. Will now be able to buy a car instead of driving around in rentals.

And the number one reason why James-Michael McAdoo is going pro is …

1. Knows Parker and/or Hood is coming back, so figures he should just concede the ACC title to Duke.

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5 Replies to “FanTake: Top Ten Reasons Why James Michael McAdoo Is Going Pro”

  1. Bill says:

    As a Duke fan, I think this is poor taste. You may not like Carolina, but this young man is nothing less than any of the Duke players. Quite frankly I think Jim Oliver should take your article down.

    1. Mr M1911 says:

      What?! Leave the article up. It’s hilarious!! Maybe you should stroll over to a UNCheats forum or heck search & read something on the ESPN boards & you will see PLENTY of tasteless, rude, cruel comments over there about Duke. Poor taste….LMAO. It’s part of basketball especially this rivalry. The tarholes, some of the media & every other fan base hates Duke just like we hate UNC & the ABD (anybody but Duke) crowd!! Keep the article up!!

    2. I wrote it as a harmless joke. I actually think he’s a pretty good player. And if he’s offended personally, JMM can always point out to me or any Duke fan that he beat the Blue Devils this year and made it further in the NCAA tournament.

  2. Jace says:

    As a Carolina fan, I found this funny. Heels gonna be better w/o McAdoo. Btw enjoy the 3 Chicago kids. Parker gonna stay. In closing it’s still f… dook 366.

  3. Mr. M1911 says:

    Now that’s funny!! A tarhole posting on a Duke website. Someone’s a secret Duke fan…..

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