Duke Report Unique March Madness Office Pool Challenge

uniqueofficepoolI decided to try the Unique March Madness Office Pool with some of the staff at Duke Report as well as open it up to 12 followers who responded by Twitter. How does this unique office pool work?  You can find the rules in my article at this link:


Here are the results after randomly selecting the picking order as well as randomly selecting everybody’s 4 teams from the 4 groups listed below.

#13 – #16 seeds    low
#9 – #12 seeds      mid-low
#5 – #8 seeds        mid-high
#1 – #4 seeds        high

The following are the results:

[table id=63 /]

Good Luck!  Winner to receive a $10 gift from Duke.

You can follow Freddie on Twitter @Skeelow22 or http://skeelowdukefan.com

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3 Replies to “Duke Report Unique March Madness Office Pool Challenge”

  1. David says:

    LOLz at Shaker’s teams.

  2. Chris Summerville says:

    Dude look at my teams…I hate Wisconsin…and BYU shouldn’t even be in the tournament lol

  3. Chris I will trade you my Creighton for your Wisconsin? Oh wait… it’s all random lol!

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