Jim Calhoun can't keep the convicts away

As a Duke fan, I can’t stand to see UCONN succeed, and I dislike Jim Calhoun as much as any coach in college basketball.  Some of the best ammunition for making fun of the team from Storrs, has been at Calhoun’s ability to recruit pure pieces of crap.  It started with a laptop thief Marcus Williams, and now there is a new player to hold up the tradition.  Nate Miles, who apparently wasn’t a great kid when he committed to UCONN, has been arrested for violating a restraining order.  What makes me wonder, is why Calhoun recruited someone who was obviously bad news.  It is interesting how Coach K keeps a clean program and gets shit on by the majority.  However, other coaches have bad publicity following them every year, but nothing is said.  Lets just keep in mind that if this happened at Duke, it would be the major headline in every newspaper in the country.  Oh wait, remember the Duke lacrosse scandal.

One comment

  1. Isn’t ESPN next door neighbors to UCONN? Shouldn’t that be on top of this…at least a little bit. I can understand one bad apple occasionally, that happens. This just seems to be business as usual at UCONN.