Mayor’s Court: Let the March Madness Begin

It’s that time of year, what we as basketball fans live and die for March Madness. When College hoops will reach it’s boiling point. Where someone’s dream is fulfilled, and where hearts are broken. Where Dawg’s and Cats bite and scratch, Birds and Fish will soar or crash, sink or swim. Where Lions and Tigers and Bears “OH MY” can be swept from the plains of Kansas like a West Texas dust storm or left beside a bumpy road broken down in-route to the Final Four. It’s where Blue Bloods try to reign supreme, and Cinderella dresses for the Ball praying to the basketball Gods that the slipper fits.

Nothing will make sense. It’s where Tobacco Road intersects with Route 66, where the back roads of Kentucky will collide with Wall street, Where the Pacific Coast Highway meets Alligator Alley. From the dirt roads of Alabama to the Michigan Mile, Where North is South, East is West, up is down, and in is out. It’s where David meets Goliath, and the Kardashian’s meet the Clampett’s.

65 teams from around the country are hoping to hear their names called on Selection Sunday. That’s there where the Madness begins, The teams will gather, fingers crossed, when the Committee’s decisions are announced, and the TV, turned mailbox, delivers or denies an invitation. Some hearts will be broken right away, some will jump from their seats when their name is called. Dick Vitale will argue endlessly why certain teams should have made it, bubbles will burst, and controversy ignites.

This year truly promises a wide open field, no team has jumped head and shoulders above anyone else. Number 1 ranked teams have dropped like never before, some multiple times. Others have over-achieved, while some under-achieved. This is a year when a #16 seed has a better chance than ever to knock off that #1 seed and claim immortality, it’s not as impossible as years past. A year when that team with players you never heard of become over night sensations, and while some you know well, are shown the proverbial door.

Whatever happens, only 4 teams will endure the road to Atlanta, only one team will be crowned, 64 others will inevitably have to wait another year, only one dream will be realized, in hopes of having that “One Shining Moment” Let the Madness begin.

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Ken Lang

Ken Lang

Ken is a contributing writer for He runs his own site at You can also find him on Twitter at @TobaccoRdMayor.

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