Devil’s Slant: Rodney Hood head fakes bus driver, gets left in Durham

Devil’s Slant is new series where writer Travis Sloat tries to find humor in places not often seen. If you take yourself too seriously, these articles may not be for you.

RALEIGH-DURHAM — In a surprising turn of events today, Duke Blue Devil basketball player Rodney Hood was left behind from a team trip to see Frozen, the Sing-a-long. (Editor’s Note: Travis swears this is hilarious and everyone would get it, I’m still not sold.) According to a media release from the school, Hood apparently gave the team bus driver a head fake, convincing him that he had, in fact, stepped on the bus, when instead he had gone the other direction to retrieve a forgotten iPod.

Hood said the incident was regrettable, but ultimately everyone had a good laugh about it.

“I’m really just sad I didn’t get to see the movie,” Hood said. “I saw the first version and memorized some of the lyrics, and I wanted to sing with the team. You wouldn’t know it by looking at him, but Marshall is an incredible harmonizer.”

Hood has been head and ball faking every opponent he sees in the Atlantic Coast Conference this season, and he normally follows those fakes with a bucket, but all he managed to do today was miss his customary movie-time bucket of popcorn.

Coach Mike Krzyzewski said although he missed him on the trip, he feels like Hood has finally taken “It” to a whole new level.

“You know for a few games there nobody had It,” Krzyzewski said. “Then, with the Syracuse win, Rodney had It, and now it looks like he still has It. I’d like all the other players to follow his example and get It as well.”

When asked for clarification on what “It” was, Krzyzewski declined to answer any further questions.

Perhaps the most surprised by all of this is the team bus driver, a 65-year-old named Walter Thompson who recently gained national fame by refusing to drive the eight miles to Chapel Hill for the highly touted Duke/North Carolina game.

“I saw him get on the bus,” Thompson said. “In all my years I’ve never been faked out like that. You know, Danny Ferry used to try to do that to me all the time, and I never fell for it. I’d just laugh at him and tell him to get on the damn bus.”

Thompson also said with this new development he was thinking about retirement.

“These kids, they’re too quick for me these days,” he said. “I think a lot of it has to do with my vision, I got that glaucoma or whatever it is. Rodney’s a nice guy too, and I guess it was all accident, something about going to get his Walkman.”

The rest of the team was reportedly pleased with the musical production of Frozen, but according to Semi Ojeleye, Todd Zafrowski didn’t start singing until the very end.

“A couple of people in the theater started chanting ‘We want Todd’ and he finally piped up,” Ojeley said.

Hood said he had plans to go see the musical at a later date, and has promised to try and keep his head faking strictly on the court.

“We’re going to Boston College next Wednesday,” Hood said. “If I head fake my way off that plane, I think coach will be pretty mad. I’ve got Andre (Dawkins) holding my iPod this time, so I think we’ll be okay.”


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